Friday, January 2, 2009

Review: Butler Winery Indiana White

I picked up this wine from Kahn's a couple of weeks ago ($11.95, the same price as listed on the winery's website) . The bottle describes this as a "light, fruity, semi-sweet wine made from Indiana grown grapes. This is a great wine for entertaining on the deck or patio. Indiana White goes well with fruit, cheeses, fish, and poultry dishes. Serve chilled."

I expected this wine to be of the stock semi-sweet white wine that nearly every Indiana winery has. I was shocked when I tasted the wine-I couldn't detect any sweetness at all in the wine. In fact, it seemed to be quite dry. I actually read over the bottle description again to make sure I wasn't mistaken about what my recollection was. In fact, the wine tasted of a Chardonel or Traminette. When I looked at the website to verify the price, I read that in fact those grapes make up the wine, along with Vignoles.

Besides the confusion over the bottle description, I enjoyed this wine. I could detect the slight aroma of peach, perfume, and a little cucumber. The bottle indicated the alcohol content was 10.5% but the alcohol content seemed to be higher. Good finish, with no unpleasant aftertaste. I was originally planning on simply sipping this wine, but after tasting it, decided to drink the wine with a few bites of cheese, and enjoyed the wine more.

Surprisingly, the wine, unlike other semi-dry whites, held up well the next day with the help of the Vinvac. I could taste just a touch more sweetness the second day, but this wine was still very much not semi-sweet. The wine didn't even break down the third day.

Despite the label confusion, I recommend this wine for its pleasant taste and for actually holding up for longer than a day, unlike other semi-dry whites.

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